I’ll try to update this once a week, regardless of if I’ve made any meaningful progress or not since I know how important it is to remind everyone that I am still alive.


I am indeed still alive, but unfortunately have not made much progress on my game as I would like. But after talking with some other game devs and showing my work, and that my game does have a “win” and “lose” state with bare minimum gameplay, it’s good enough to publish.

So here it is. Current working title is “Sword in the Stone”


  • Right click the sword by the hilt to reset its position if it’s stuck.
  • Left click and hold on the hilt, then rotate your mouse to point it in the direction you want. The further you move your mouse away from it, the stronger your throw will be.
  • Release left click to fling the sword in the direction its pointing.
  • Kill the birds with the guns and don’t get shot. If you kill them all, you win. If they kill you, you die and the game crashes.

Download it here. Windows and Linux versions included.

It is very buggy and nowhere near what I would call “finished”, but publishing a game and going through the whole process is an important learning experience, so it’s time for me to learn.

Let me know what you think, any huge bugs you find (I probably already know about them), what you think would improve it, what a good “stopping point” is (when it should be officially released and a new project started), tell me what a terrible person I am for making this, etc.

One thought on “Oops

  1. Played game. Liked game. I thought the birds were a cute touch. The “reset” of the sword was very helpful as I was getting used to the controls, I liked that part of the game especially. Probably should have a “You’re Winner” screen of some kind when I kill the last bird. Fun time, would play again.

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