Devlog 2: Renovating

I got tired of looking at the same green walls and made a basic tileset with carpet, walls, and desks. They’re not pretty but they convey an idea of what you’re supposed to be looking at, which is all I really need right now. Art is not a high priority; getting things working is.

And as for getting things working, some more highlights:

  • Characters now respond when certain actions are performed in the world
  • Expanded the playable area
  • Refactoring/future-proofing code related to placing cameras and managing the inventory

Typing this out I realize what the above actually means is:

  • Added one (1) variable
  • Clicked a few times on a grid
  • Copy-pasted code from one place to another

It’s like your resume, finding long-winded ways of saying you performed boring, mundane tasks. But that’s what building a game (or learning any other skill) is: getting the boring parts done so you can get to the fun parts.

Game of the Week

My go-to game has now become Noita. There is a shocking amount of depth in how much there is to explore and how many secrets there are. Unfortunately staying alive long enough to discover them all is the hard part, and finding the right balance between stronger wands and more health versus how much further you want to explore at low health. And even though I’ve only gotten one ending after 200+ runs, I still come back for more.

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