Devlog 3: Syadmining

So far this is the most use I’ve gotten out of my B.S. in information systems: making a fake operating system and client-server architecture for a game. Why suffer the stress of being a sysadmin for a real business, protecting it from real threats, when you could just make your own business and design everything the way you want it to? I think it’s more fun this way.

Some changes this week:

  • Added totally real* networking system
  • Starting work on totally real* update system
  • Other fixes for things that bothered me

*I have never programmed anything network-related in my life and hopefully I never have to.

Game of the Week

Do you like running in first-person? Do you like running across rooftops? Do you like environments so bright they burn themselves into your cornias? Then play Mirror’s Edge, a first-person parkour game where you run across rooftops so bright they burn themselves into your cornias. The cityscape is very pretty to look at, although the controls appear to have been laid out by a someone who likes the triggers a bit too much. But if you can get over that, it’s pretty fun to play.

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