Devlog 4: Fading

Progress continues to be made. Managing entries between lists is annoying, trying to string three dictionary and array variables together is unnecesarily complicated, and working with Z indices is looking to be painful. Making a game is basically solving a billion individual problems without creating new ones and without unsolving previously solved answers.

Some changes this week:

  • “Update” system is in place for the most part
  • Basic framework for level transitions (multiple floors on top of each other, cleanly fading into each one when traversing between the two)
  • Reorganizing nodes for future-proofing

Also here’s a Godot magic trick for fading a level in/out based on the player’s position in an Area2D hitbox:

currentLevel.set_modulate(Color(1, 1, 1, (to_local(player.get_position()).x / $CollisionShape2D.shape.size.x)))

Magic. Not very complicated magic, but still magic.

Game of the Week

I am a great, great asset of The Company. Lethal Company, of course. Collect trash and toys for space Amazon, don’t get turned into a mutant’s chew toy, and complain about hit detection when a dog eats you through the ship. And watch your friend learn how to speedhack after joining an Italian server.

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