Devlog 6: Navigating

Quite a bit of progress this week. Most of the game will most likely be easy to implement, just tedious and time-consuming. It’s the parts that you’re not sure how to do properly that will kill you. But as of now I am coasting and things are going pretty well (until they aren’t).

Basic navigation for NPCs has been added (and by that I mean “walk ten feet towards the player in a scripted sequence”), basic conditions for checking if tasks have been completed are in place, and a few other future-proofing changes to keep things going smoothly.

But if you must know:

  • Added basic pathing for NPCs
  • Added checks for if tasks have been completed
  • Basic implementation of employee hiring system
  • Refactoring a few functions
  • Adding more emails that the user receives after completing tasks
  • Organizing dialogue system

Additionally, I think I may have found an artist who is willing to do some of the art I need, so once I get a list of things of what I actually need drawn delivered, it should start looking a lot prettier instead of just cubes.

Finally, I had the chance to go to a not-so-local convention recently (which I thought was only an hour away, but after buying my ticket and looking up the address found that it was, in fact, two hours away with $20 worth of tolls). Fun was had, panels were attended, artists were paid for [REDACTED], and much games were played. And yes, I did wear deodorant and take a shower.

Game of the Week

Currently playing through an old RPG Maker game known as Seraphic Blue. I’ve heard some of the phenomenal MIDI tracks from this game and always wanted to check it out. Unfortunately “playing” is not the right word here as the first hour or so of the game is cutscenes and world building and I still have no idea what the story is. But the music is really good so that’s nice.

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