Devlog 7: Fixing

Lots of progress made this week, mostly in rearranging things and getting the UI sorted out. There is now a mostly-functional series of tasks that can be completed. Another annoying bug was also fixed involving camera placement and the player moving the mouse like a gorilla on speed.

Some of the highlights:

  • Cameras can now be placed on multiple floors
  • Fixed bug involving camera placement and the player moving the mouse too fast
  • Fixed bug where inventory slots would show a preview for an item that was removed from the player’s inventory
  • Finished hiring system
  • Added Cheryl

I am also trying to find a balance between how “realistic” I want something to be and where the line between that and fun should be drawn. The player has access to several computers and servers in the game that they need a password to sign into. Right now this password is randomly generated and provided to the player at the game’s start, and after signing in with it they are required to change it to their own. But suppose the player forgets what they set it to; should there be an in-game mechanism where they can have it reset again? Wouldn’t logging into everything with their password every 30 seconds get really annoying? There are probably a few different ways to handle this, but I am open to suggestions.

Game of the Week

Many many years ago I bought the SimCity box, a collection of three SimCity games (4, Societies, and SnapCity) and a trial of Spore (heh). Unfortunately, the game I wanted to play, Societies, was the first game to introduce me to the term “minimum system requirements” and refused to run. So that meant I was stuck with SimCity 4 instead, but after getting the chance to play Societies some time later I am convinced that 4 is absolutely the better game. It may appear primitive compared to today’s city builders, but managing your citizens and watching as they build your city is very fun to watch. And if they complain about my 50% tax rate, sometimes they need a gentle reminder that there’s an earthquake or UFO with their name on it.

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